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happy birthday, yang yoseob !

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Happy Birthday BEAST’s angelic voice Yang Yoseob! Wow, no one would believe that you just turned 22 this year! Another year has passed and you look even younger each day~ Stay healthy and happy always. Keep the kiddo smile of yours because it’s brightens up everything in the whole world. We hope this year would be a great year for you. Good luck for next BEAST’s world tour and korean comeback. CHEERS!

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Happy Birthday YOSEOP

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5th JANUARY; HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANG YOSEOB! BEAST’s cute lil 5 year old, the visual maknae. the man boy who will forever look cute to me tho he’s supposed to be/act charismatic on stage/photoshoots/etc lol you cant get away frm that cute image :3 stay awesome stay cute stay a dork stay you, B2UTIES LOVE YOU! ♥

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happy 23rd birthday, yang yoseob! (-^〇^-)
b2uties’ lovely, sweet, caring, adorable and cute visual maknae! (:

stay healthy and take good care of yourself. keep smiling and be happy always!
lastly, enjoy your day~ i’ll always be loving you, forever and always ♥

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Happy 22nd (23rd) Birthday to Beast’s rapper main vocal, Yang Yoseob! My love~ It’s your day! Enjoy it. Hope you have an awesome birthday bb. Stay happy and healthy always. I wish you all the best. Never stop smiling, okie? I love you! ♥ Hope to see you soon. ( ^∇^)

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Yoseob@CLRIDE fansign [110615]


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